Thursday, August 24, 2017

A case for dating non-vegans, or not.


Dating. It’s not all about fruits and roots.

They say love conquers all. Without turning this into a dating profile let’s talk about the dating habits of vegans. Having been vegan for some time and also being single for a good portion of that time, I have had a preference towards vegans; there are several reasons for this but the most obvious is that they hold a fundamental belief that is consistent with mine and I believe this plays a big part in attraction. I’m a non-smoking, social drinking, gaming, cinephile, twentysomething, cisgender, feminist, mostly straight male, and I would like to date someone fairly complementary. Now remembering that vegans are around 1% of the population, 67% of vegans are women, and about 50% of them are in an age range I would like to date, this limits my dating pool to around 0.35% of the population; as a number, that’s 24 million people which sounds like a huge number but when you take into account what one looks for in a person, you limit that already diminished number even further. Keeping in mind that I may not meet the prerequisites for all 24 million of those people either.

Until recently I have held the vegan rule pretty steadfast. I believe that some fragment of being a vegan is to influence others to think about the choices that they make, and the impact that they have on the lives of others and the environment. When dating someone it is important to have enough common ground but also to hold some differences, otherwise it could feel like you’re dating yourself, and frankly I have been single long enough and have grown weary of dating only myself. Most people take on aspects of the one another when in a relationship; when dating a vegan the ability to influence another life toward veganism is somewhat absent but when dating a person who still eats animal products the story is somewhat different. Even if your potential partner doesn’t become a vegan, there is a good chance that whilst spending time with you they’re more likely to eat like a vegan and reduce their consumption.


I believe that challenging our own veganism makes us stronger: reading books in opposition, watching documentaries and having the hard conversations. These things should push your boundaries and help keep you focused on the reasons you’re leading a life of harmlessness, a good way to do this is by engaging in a solid conversations, not arguments, about your beliefs with someone that wants to hear about it. There is a very good chance that you will discuss your vegan lifestyle at length with your dating opponent. I generally surround myself with fairly open minded people, it is unlikely that the most devoted omnivore would consider dating a vegan anyway, therefore most people are probably more likely to end up dating someone who might consider making a move to veganism.

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food” – George Bernard Shaw. So if all else fails it is probably just time to make them Emily-May’s Oreo cheesecake in a hope to bring them to the dark side.

I won’t rule out dating an omni but in the end I’d likely always gravitate towards vegans when it comes to dating, because like all things vegan, they just taste better.

The Dinner Date” by jopeattie is licensed under CC BY 2.0

I love cherries…” by thomashawk is licensed under CC BY 2.0