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A vegan butcher in Sydney needs your help to keep her store open


Suzy Spoon. Photo: Indiegogo.

Every vegan in Sydney knows the name Suzy Spoon.

The founder of kickass cafe Suzy Spoon’s Vegetarian Butcher, Suzy Spoon is nothing short of an institution within the veg scene of Sydney and beyond. But after more than four years of providing locals with a range of flavourful vegan meat products and incredible dishes , Suzy Spoon is facing one massive hurdle: pay up and move, or close up her shop for good.

Faced with a lease that expires in May and an increasing product demand that requires a larger food production space, Suzy and her team need to move or close. In need of a food production workshop with large walk-in cool rooms and a temperature-controlled production area, Suzy Spoon’s have started a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

With a target of $30,000 (AUD), they’ve raised just over $18,000 in a month, with just four days left to reach their target (as of April 11, 2016).

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“With a busy café and a sausage factory sharing one small cool room there’s a limit to how much we can make because refrigeration is such an important part of safe food production,” Suzy Spoon explains on the Indiegogo page.

“In the new space we will be able to expand our range of vegan products, helping more people eat less meat,” Suzy Spoon says on the campaign page.  “And increase our production level to meet the ever-growing demand for our regular products –  so we’ll never run out of your favourite Suzy Spoon’s products again.”


Suzy Spoon’s Vegetarian Butcher are crowdfunding to keep their business afloat.

The bad news? They need up to $30,000 (AUD) to make it work.

The good news? If they move and stay open, their expansion will benefit more than just Sydney.

“We will also be able to increase our stockist area to include Adelaide, WA, Tassie and regional areas, so we can share Spoon’s products with a larger community,” Suzy Spoon says.

“We are currently in negotiations with a number of independent grocers and plan to have Suzy Spoon’s products in independent grocery stores across Australia. ”

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Originally launching as a business in May 2012 at Marrickville Organic Farmers Market, Suzy Spoon’s had moved into a little shop in Enmore within four months. Since then, Suzy Spoon’s has moved to their current location, a larger shopfront on the prominent King Street in Newtown.

A vegetarian for 28 years, not only has Suzy Spoon launched her own business and online store, she’s also written a cookbook and given cooking demos at vegan events throughout Sydney. Interestingly enough, according to her website, Suzy’s grandmother’s family used to own the biggest butchery in the Northern suburbs of Sydney (SW Hales).

Admitting there is some controversy surrounding the “vegetarian butcher” aspect of their business name, Suzy Spoon’s welcomes the conversations it spurs.

“Some vegetarians find the use of the word ‘butcher’ offensive,” their website states. “While some meat eaters and butchers are appalled by the concept. The name has been the subject of many welcome Facebook posts, blogs and comments.”

With many local butcheries closing down, Suzy believes this new spin on the butcher concept is “a sign of the times”, and if Suzy Spoon’s growth is anything to go by, it certainly seems like it.

Now employing a team of “11 great people who are passionate about animal rights and social justice issues”, Suzy Spoon’s are dedicated to “producing delicious, healthy food for the community without exploiting animals, people or the environment”.

Now that’s a goal we can all get behind. Good luck Suzy Spoon’s!

For more info and to help out, click here:  SAVE Suzy Spoon’s Vegetarian Butcher.

Keep up to date:
Twitter: @TheVegeButcher
Instagram: @SuzySpoonsVegetarianButcher

Images: Suzy Spoon’s Vegetarian Butcher (Instagram, Indiegogo)


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