The Vegan Independent is a news and culture website. With a distinctive focus on veganism, we provide hardline news, coloured features and everything in between.

We give a voice to all animals and people by uniting progressive journalism with veganism and animal activism, with the aim to help animals, human health and the environment. We connect creative vegans and animal rights activists with an audience who for too long have been starved of honest conversation about animal rights, the environment and human health.

Even in our rapidly changing world, popular media regularly silences animal activists and trivialises vegan issues with little more than feigned interest and internalised guilt. Popular media very rarely creates balanced content that is fair to all animals and people. We believe that “balance” within the media does not exist if the animals are denied a voice.

The Vegan Independent provides vegan-specific content across all fields, delivering relevant commentary and up-to-date information from opinion leaders, professionals, businesses and activists. We provide an arena for opinion pieces and discussion of all topics, no matter how trivial or controversial, in order to uphold transparency and advocate natural progression to veganism at the societal level.

We challenge all arguments against veganism and uphold our beliefs for the benefit of all creatures. We do not support anything but a vegan lifestyle but recognise the importance of allocating room for the discussion of animal welfare, vegetarianism and related issues in order to further the vegan cause. Similarly, we acknowledge that there are differences in opinion on a range of issues amongst vegans themselves. Therefore we welcome a range of people to use this platform to voice their opinions (within reason*), in the hope of creating open dialogue and facilitating shared understanding in the context of our common goal.

The Vegan Independent champions vegan writers, artists, musicians, actors, comedians, athletes, activists, academics, professionals and all vegans in order to give veganism a platform that is relevant, accessible, interactive and responsive.

We are a progressive, independent publication and uphold a philosophy of transparency, diversity and intersectionality. We are vegan for the world.

* Blatant discrimination on any grounds (sex, gender, race, religion or otherwise) will not be tolerated. These issues however, will be topics of discussion.