Where are you based? 
The Vegan Independent is based in Australia with contributors and stories based all over the world.

Is content sponsored?
If and when content has been sponsored, we will acknowledge this with a disclaimer.

Why do you talk about animal welfare and vegetarianism, not just animal rights and veganism? 
The Vegan Independent does not promote anything but a vegan lifestyle but acknowledges that topics such as vegetarianism and and animal welfare are intrinsically linked to veganism. We believe talking about these issues in the context of veganism will add to the discourse of veganism. Believing in transparency and honesty, and acknowledging that veganism does not exist in a vacuum, we do not shy away from controversial or anti-vegan topics.

Can I contribute to The Vegan Indepdent?
Yes, absolutely! We would love to have to have you board, no matter what type of skills you have, or how much time you can volunteer. Please click here for more information.