Thursday, June 21, 2018

Lord Of The Fries is coming to Perth


Thank the Lord, Lord of the Fries is coming to Western Australia!

Fast food chain Lord of the Fries has announced it’s making its way to WA, posting on its Facebook page that it has signed the lease on a building in Perth.

The first vegetarian and vegan fast food chain in Australia, Lord of the Fries has been hugely successful over east with omnivores and veg*ns alike.

“We’re excited to finally be bringing Lord of the Fries to the West Coast and we know we’re coming to a welcoming market –  there was even a petition for us to get here floating around!” said Mark Koronczyk, Lord of the Fries co-founder.

“We are aiming to open doors in late November and can’t wait to see all our Perth friends out in full force.”

LOTF first announced its intention to open in Perth over a year ago, but it has taken until now to confirm an estimate date.

“It’s been in the plans for a while, and we hope this is the first of many of stores in the area,” said Koronczyk.

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“This is not a drill.” LOTF announced their first Perth store on September 4.

LOTF began as a “mobile chip van” in October 2004. By late 2005, LOTF had its first permanent location in Melbourne. It now has seven stores in Melbourne and two in Sydney.

“It’s thrilling for us to see our expansion across the country,” said Koronczyk, adding that the chain is planning to celebrate its Western Australian debut with a special launch activity.

“Watch this space for more details on our exciting launch activity!”

Launch activity? Time to start guessing, Western Australian LOTF fans! (Hint: it probably has something to do with fries.)


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