Thursday, June 21, 2018

Natalie Tran just spoke out about the egg industry


Natalie Tran went vegan in November of 2015 and has just spoken out against the egg industry.

In November of 2015, Australian comedian Natalie Tran went vegan. Though she announced her veganism on Twitter and Facebook and even shared some #vegan baking on Instagram, Nat, as her fans call her, didn’t announce her decision via YouTube, where she’s known as popular YouTube personality communitychannel.

On YouTube, Nat’s veganism has only been obvious to the trained (vegan) eye. Some soy ice cream here, some almond milk there. And, admittedly, a more obvious joke about not accepting cheese-flavoured Doritos from a friend.

Now, seven years on from this early tweet, Nat has well and truly broken her silence, elaborating on her decision to go vegan and proving that awareness and compassion can come to anyone.

Amid news that Australian state and commonwealth ministers have agreed on a legal definition of free-range (10,000 hens per hectare), Nat has spoken out against eggs entirely, sharing what made her “decide to bite the bullet” and go vegan.

“I loved eggs . . . Not eggs, I couldn’t give up eggs, I thought. I’d rather stab Santa than give up eggs,” Nat concedes in her Facebook post from this morning (April 1, 2016 AEST).

“That said, I also don’t like ignoring things because they are confronting and often criticise that behaviour in others.”

“Read up about eggs,” Nat urges her fans in the post, “just for a little, just for a minute, just for that minute you’d read a cafe menu or a food blog- it’s only fair to read about the animals that provide us the food we worship so much.

Note that a lot of free range chickens are also born into the factories, encourage this business, have their beaks cut, suffer terribly from the demand of laying more eggs than they are meant to, are killed when no longer useful, and as the articles coming out today show you- they still live in cruel conditions.”

Adding links to information from peta and freefromharm about the reality of egg production, she adds that as much as she wants to eat eggs, she doesn’t “need anyone or anything to suffer and be tortured so I can eat.”

“I’m lucky enough to live in such great conditions that I can eat a plant based diet. I can just make little decisions to avoid an animal going through this.”

Read Nat’s full post here.

Natalie Tran” by evarinaldiphotography is licensed under CC BY 2.0



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