Thursday, June 21, 2018

Time to veganise #BakeOffAU with your best vegan cakes!

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This is Turkish Delight Checkerboard cake my sister made for this week’s Great Australian Bake Off theme of “Cake”. The flavours are lemon, pistachio and rose water.

Greetings vegan bakers!

The first episode of the Great Australian Bake Off aired Tuesday night and we’re very excited to announce that theme for the episode was cake!

Whether you were able to see the episode or not we encourage you to get out your cake tins and show Australia that eggs are in no way an essential ingredient to cake.

Sponge, carrot, lemon, layered, tiered, upside down, the list of cakes you can make is endless. Or set yourself a challenge and try making this week’s showstopper, a cake with a message inside.

Whether it’s a simple but delectable chocolate cake or a magnificently decorated creation, we want to see your vegan cakes on social media.

Just tag your photos on twitter or Instagram with #VeganBakeOff and #TheVeganIndependent and we will feature our favourites in next week’s article.

You can also try using the official Great Australian Bake Off hashtag #BakeOffAU and see if we can get the attention of the show, maybe we can persuade them to have a vegan challenge one week!

We very excited to see what you come up with!

Happy baking!



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