Thursday, June 21, 2018

VeganFlix and chill? There's now a vegan video hosting website


Good news for anyone who’s ever wished for a website that collected and displayed only vegan-related video content. VeganFlix is a brand new website that does exactly that.

Launched on August 16, VeganFlix hosts a range of curated videos from various content producers and websites, giving users the chance to comment and reply on each video’s dedicated VeganFlix page. Users can also sign up for an account and upload video content of their own.

VeganFlix currently divides its hand-picked content into eleven categories, making it easier than ever for users to find the best and most relevant vegan content on the internet.

The eleven categories are: tips and tutorials, music, cooking, products and businesses, teens, celebrities, documentaries, comedy, fashion, athletes, and TED Talks.

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VeganFlix was founded by Sara Millman, an independent filmmaker and writer who has been vegan for 40 years and who has dedicated her life’s work to animal rights and storytelling.

Perhaps its Millman’s background that has inspired VeganFlix’s generosity – the website is encouraging the creativity of up-and-coming video content producers by offering a $250 grant via their VeganFlix Video Seed Grant program.

With plans to launch their own original content as VeganFlix Original Productions, to be produced in partnership with FilmWorks7, there’s clearly plenty on the horizon for VeganFlix.

Check out VeganFlix’s launch video below, and then head on over to to explore.

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