Thursday, June 21, 2018

Vote to end pig dogging


It’s truly a horrible feeling finding out about yet another blood “sport” you had no idea about. Only today did I find out about pig dogging – a blood “sport” in which hunting dogs are set on wild pigs who are then captured and brutally stabbed to death. This is completely legal in Australia, but thankfully there’s something we can all do to help right now.

Voiceless – The Animal Protection Institute is currently running their 2015 People’s Choice Award. Decided by popular vote and funded by generous donations from Voiceless supporters, the People’s Choice Award provides $15,000 to the public’s favourite animal protection project.

Animal Liberation’s pig dogging campaign is in the running to win this $15,000, but they need votes. Their campaign will promote public awareness about pig dogging, and encourage an immediate ban in NSW and QLD. They will also conduct an outdoor advertising campaign that will encourage supporters to sign a petition to ban pig dogging. The campaign will also feature an online component, with Animal Liberation NSW creating a compilation of images that show the gruesome reality of pig dogging to further encourage the ban.

To help end the barbarity of pig dogging, simply vote for Animal Liberation in Voiceless’ 2015 People’s Choice Award, and share this article and the link to vote with your online networks.

To find out more about the everyday practice of pig dogging, watch this three-minute video by the ABC. Even though this audio and photo montage is told from the perspective of a pig dogger, there’s no hiding the twisted, horrifically cruel nature of this bloodthirsty “sport”.

A little click can go a long way! Please support Animal Liberation’s campaign against pig dogging by voting here. Don’t forget to share!


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