Thursday, June 21, 2018

Welcome to The Vegan Independent!

After many months of brainstorming and work, The Vegan Independent is finally here.

We are a news and culture website with a distinctive focus on veganism, providing unique content across all fields, delivering relevant commentary and up-to-date information from opinion leaders, professionals, businesses and activists.

Popular media regularly silences animal activists and trivialises vegan issues with little more than feigned interest and internalised guilt. We’re here to be the antithesis to that problem.

We provide an arena for opinion pieces and discussion of all topics, no matter how trivial or controversial, in order to uphold transparency and advocate natural progression to veganism at the societal level.

We’ve seen the many benefits of veganism and are heralding a new age of media. It is time to throw apologetic veganism to the kerbside. It is time to be unashamedly vegan. It is time to have frank, honest dicussions about the many aspects of veganism. The Vegan Independent aims to capture important vegan stories from all around the world, promoting animal and human rights with a focus on intersectionality.

This is just the beginning. We are going to grow as both a website and a community. We want to be a source of influence, information, community and conversation for vegans and non-vegans alike. We cannot wait to interact with as many people as possible, providing more and better content as time progresses.

For now, read our site philosophy, have a good look around, then follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get notified of new content.

With excitement and hope,
The Vegan Independent Team.


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