Thursday, June 21, 2018

YouTuber Andy Warski has gone vegan - why this is a win for preachy vegans everywhere


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Andy Warski has gone vegan, in what is a win for him and preachy vegans everywhere.

You know what’s better than a vegan YouTuber? A non-vegan YouTuber going vegan, thereby surprising and educating an attentive audience that is, most probably, largely non-vegan.

That’s exactly what Andy Warski has just done. Speaking to an audience of over 35,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, the 27-year-old film maker, comedian, writer and podcaster explains why he went vegan and exactly why he’s so happy about it.

“The best part about becoming a vegan, besides the preventing animal cruelty which is a great thing, is the fact I feel light and clean and cleansed out,” Warski says in a recent video.

Vegan for around two weeks, Warski explains he’s already lost any food cravings, has gained muscle, energy and mental clarity, and is also experiencing a curious benefit he did not expect.

Here’s a fucking thing, it’s making me so horny … Literally, horniness levels have increased tenfold,” the self-described “mildly offensive” comic muses.

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The best thing about all this energetic hyping of veganism? It comes less than a month since Warski put up a video arguing against vegan YouTube personality Sorsha Morava. Morava herself had made a video sarcastically siding with angry carnist comments on Vegan Gain‘s YouTube channel. Warski was opposed to the sentiments and tactics of Morava, and ranted about them in a 16-minute video.

The details of the arguments aren’t important, however. What’s important is the stark contrast between Warski’s comments then and his radically different opinions now.

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Vegan YouTuber Sorsha Morava initially gained the attention of Warski, who made an anti-vegan video response.

“I hate animal abuse… but I’m still going to eat [animals] because that’s what I do… and it makes me happy,” Warski says in his anti-Morava video response.

This video gained the attention of powerhouse vegan personality Vegan Revolution, who gifted Warski with his “Meatard of the Day” “award”. The next day, Warski woke to a barrage of tweets from dozens of vegans ridiculing him.

“The entire day I did damage control,” Warski says in his video.

Wanting a rational debate, Warski conversed with Vegan Revolution and the two “talked very civilly” in a mammoth two and a half hour podcast, The Great Vegan Debate” (also available on SoundCloud here).

“I learned a lot,” Warski says of Vegan Revolution. “He taught me a lot, and he convinced me to go vegan, to at least try it.”

Warski agreed he’d try veganism for a month to see if it would “work” for him or not.

Well, if Warski’s latest video is anything to go by, it certainly is working. Warski has even “converted” two of his colleagues, and is no doubt influencing his legion of followers.

As much as this is a testament to the compassion and open-mindedness of Warski, we’re also declaring this a win for argumentative, unapologetic vegans. Yes, veganism is about compassion. Yes, veganism is about non-violence. But sometimes peaceful whispers aren’t heard, and shouting gets the job done.  Some people, like Warski, need reality to hit them hard (and specifically) for them to embrace life-saving change.

We have to stop selling carnists short, assuming they’re too delicate to hear the truth we know about. So what if we hurt their feelings. It will eventually roll off their back when they see the truth, and realise veganism’s motivation is entirely selfless.

So, three cheers for “preachy” vegans. And a few more for Vegan Revolution and Sorsha Morava.


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